The Frank effect

“Get naked, get dirty, get clean with my natural, Aussie-made skincare.”

Frank Body (2019b)

Frank Body: cheeky, naughty and all kinds of fun. 😏

Today, I’m here to discuss how a group of friends developed a side hustle in a coffee body scrub that grew to be an intentional brand, shipping to hundreds of countries… with just one product (Decker, 2017; Frank Body, 2019b).

Image 1: Campaign image showcasing the cheeky brand persona of Frank (Frank Body, 2019b)

One of my personal favourite marketing tactics is to create a persona for your brand in order to connect with your audience.

Frank Body does just that. ✔️

But, how?

Frank was created with the intention to resonate with customers and was at the centre of all the strategy (Hum, 2018). If you haven’t already seen it, his brand voice is all over social media, packaging, website – you name it (Hum, 2018) – so I see brand consistency and creativity. Do you? #Yeehaw

Image 2: Campaign image of brand persona consistency (Hum, 2018)


So, how did the brand grow to become such a success?

It all started with Steve Rowley, a hospitality guru, who noticed his female customers asking for leftover coffee grounds at one of his cafes (Sullivan, 2017). As he learned that the grounds were actually being used for an exfoliating body scrub, Steve and his wife, Bree Johnson, began developing their own formula (Sullivan, 2017).

Boom. Hello Frank Body. 💥

Bree and co-founder, Jess Hatzis, started the company with about $5,000 selling only one product (Decker, 2017; Sullivan, 2017; Dennis, 2019). The original body scrub is vegan and cruelty free with natural ingredients used to “fade and prevent stretch marks, cellulite, breakouts, psoriasis and dry skin” (Frank Body, 2019c).

Check out their How To video here.

The brand was able to penetrate the beauty industry by being known for their original body scrub, and their original body scrub only (Decker, 2017; Dennis, 2019). 👏

Frank Body waited six months to see if the scrub would actually take off before launching their second body scrub (Decker, 2017). Another six months later, and they released their first non-scrub product (Decker, 2017).

The Frank Effect

As there was no set marketing budget, Hatzis and Johnson turned to social media to promote their brand and product (Sullivan, 2017).

They created #TheFrankEffect (… with over 50,300 posts on Instagram 😮 (Instagram, 2019b)) and #LetsBeFrank (… about 48,250 posts on Instagram 😱 (Instagram, 2019a)) to encourage their audience to share photos of themselves using the signature brown scrub on their social networking platforms (Sullivan, 2017).

Image 3: Example of a consumer showcasing their use of a body scrub (Marcus, 2019)

Additionally, Frank Body launched a blog centred around the hashtag #LetsBeFrank in an attempt to solve consumer problems based on skin, life, health and love (Frank Body, 2019a). This allowed the brand to connect with its target market on a deeper level by showcasing how relevant they are to its readers (Dennis, 2019).

Image 4: Blog banner for Frank Body, showcasing the topics covered (Frank Body, 2019a)

Now, some may argue that Frank Body isn’t a superior innovative business model, but I’m going to argue that it is. Whilst some online brands use social media and work with influencers to promote their products, Frank Body took that simple strategy and implemented it by creating the brand persona of Frank (Hum, 2018; Dennis, 2019), and promoting just one product (Dennis, 2019) within an industry over-saturated with body scrubs, let alone skincare products.


It smells like coffee. Who doesn’t like the smell of coffee? (… sorry, we can’t be friends if you hate it!) ☕️

VP. ✨


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