I’m back!

Well… this blog certainly went to rest once I completed that Digital Marketing unit, didn’t it?! Whoops.

Because of the momentum I had built from doing my internship and regularly blogging for uni, I had every single intention to continue – even if it was just once a month.

But then, you know, life happened.

In my defence, big and exciting life things happened. All the good things, really.


I landed two marketing jobs! 🎉

I’ll save these roles for future blog posts but I just wanted to let you all know that your girl is back in action.

Yes.. I have another unit which requires this kind of assessment however, I really, really do want to get into the swing of blog writing. So, I’m publicly writing this to keep myself accountable. Wish me luck.

Throughout Semester 1, 2020, you can expect to see my academic and professional portfolio, as well as read about my own experiences (..maybe you’ll get to read about a funny story or two!). 🙌

In short: I’m back and I’m thrilled.

VP. ✨

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